2nd Lt. William Griffin POW

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The news clipping Parker Graduate, Axis Prisoner is when Lt. William E. Griffin’s mother was interviewed for an article on the pilot’s capture. The article was saved by Griffin’s family. “Just before his last flight, the young aviator wrote his mother, calling attention to his 23rd birthday December 23rd,” the story says. ” ‘I am 23 years old,’ he told his mother. ‘I have made 23 flights over enemy territory. I feel like my luck has been too good.’ ”

The Missing Air Crew report says 2nd Lt. William Griffin was last seen at 1:15p.m. January 5, 1944, over San Valentino, Italy. Lt. Price D. Rice and Lt. Leon C. Roberts wrote witness statement for the report, but neither saw Griffin crash or in any apparent trouble. The 99th Fighter Squadron would later find out that its missing pilot had been captured and taken to a prisoner of war camp.

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