Our fully functional mobile movie theater features two compelling original short RISE ABOVE films that tell the story of the Tuskegee Airmen or the WASP, and the obstacles they both overcame to be able to serve their country during WWII. This immersive experience is housed in a climate controlled 53’ semi-trailer with expandable sides and equipped with a ramp and hydraulic lift to ensure access to all, comfortably accommodating 30 visitors for each showing. Because of its dynamic 160-degree panoramic screen, the film creates the feeling of being in the cockpit soaring above the clouds. Admission to the exhibit is always FREE to event attendees.

Visiting children are given a free inspirational dog tag featuring the CAF RISE ABOVE’s Six Guiding Principles©. These principles are based on the experiences and successes of the Tuskegee Airmen and the WASP ability to rise above the obstacles they faced in order to fly and fight for America: 

Aim High • Believe In Yourself • Use Your Brain • Be Ready To Go • Never Quit • Expect to Win

Take a peek inside the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit and see what teachers and students have to say about this unique experience.

Be a Hometown Hero – Bring the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit to your community!

The CAF RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit could be available to make a stop in your hometown. Imagine the draw an exhibit like this would be at your airshow, community event or festival! As an added bonus, the Traveling Exhibit can be available for educational outreach visits on-site at local schools or other youth venues.

Contact Keri Ryan, CAF RISE ABOVE Squadron Logistics Coordinator, at (802) 371-8838 or logistics@cafriseabove.org for more information.

We have worked to create a safe environment for visitors, volunteers, and staff. You may notice a few changes to how you tour the exhibit such as limiting the number of people allowed in the theater, distance guidelines while standing in line, and requiring each visitor to wear a face covering while inside the theater. We appreciate your cooperation with these policies so that we may continue to operate our program safely..

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