96th Squadron 1946 class yearbook page featuring 2nd Lt. Milford S. Craig

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Milford S. Craig
Milford S. Craig

The 96th Squadron were a close knit group of Fighter Pilots who I would say knew 95% of all the other Pilots by first name, so one of the pilots in the 96th Squadron suggested a class year book be made and ran the idea by the Group Commander. We, meaning the majority, thought it would be a good idea and so 1st Lt A.S Barnwell Jr took on the job. Everyone was included, from the Staff to the Maintenance members which were a team. We were blessed to have Col Henry Viccellio as a Commander who retired as a Lt Gen.

2nd Lt. Milford S. Craig started in pilot training at Tuskegee, Alabama, and got as far as basic before the program ended. He attended Tillotsen College in Austin, Texas, for one year and reenlisted in Cadets in 1947. He graduated from Williams Field in 1948 and was assigned to the 332nd Fighter Group, where he flew P-47’s before joining the 82nd. A bachelor and native of Utah, his hobbies are model planes, football and skiing.