Class SE-44-F

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These are the members of Class 44-F, both twin (TE) and single engine (SE).

Standing from left to right:  Frank Lee (TE), James Ewing (TE), Lincoln Hudson (SE), James Wright (SE), Rupert Johnson (SE), Richard Armistead (SE), Lewis Lynch (SE), Robert Murdic (SE).

Kneeling from left to right:  John Perkins (TE), George Lynch (SE), James Mitchell (SE), Wyrain Schell (SE), Charles Hill (SE), Leon Spears (SE), Carl Ellis (SE), Rhohelia Webb (TE), Robert Lawrence (SE).

Seated from left to right Hiram Mann (SE), John Turner (TE), William Jackson (TE), Yenwith Whitney (SE), Laurel Keith (TE), Harry Stewart (SE), Hugh White (SE), Samuel Washington (SE), Frank Wright (SE).

Besides myself, the only 44-F survivors that I am aware of, are, Spears, Mann, Turner and Whitney.

James Wright was killed when his P-47 crashed off the coast of S. Carolina circa October 1944. Cause unknown. Frank Wright was killed in aerial combat. Spears and Mitchell went down in Poland and were repatriated. Hugh White went down in Austria and repatriated.

Information provided by Tuskegee Airman Lt Col Harry Stewart.