Flying helmet of John Leahr

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This is the RAF Type D Flying helmet of John Leahr 301st FS 332nd FG. This item was gifted to my son Matthew who is African American. A collector of USAAF aviation pieces had met John Leahr many years ago and gotten to know him John gave him the helmet. It was ripped and the ear cups were rock hard and deformed. Knowing Matthew’s love of Red Tail Mustangs and my lifelong passion for WW2 aviation history, he was kind enough to pass this on to Matthew knowing we’d take good care of it. I’m friends with a man who restores these kinds of helmets, along with making them for movies. He’d done the ones used in the Red Tails movie. So it’s back to how it would have looked when John was going up in his P-51. Photo of the helmet after being restored and being worn by Matthew dressed the part of a Mustang pilot. He’s also wearing a wartime B-10 Jacket and an RAF 41 Pattern Mae West that many of the 332nd pilots also used.