Hitesman Sculptures

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Marvin Hitesman was born and raised in the state of Utah.

His interest in military history started at a young age.  The first recollection was looking at pictures in books on WWWII in the elementary school library and from building his first model of a Messerschmitt 109 bought for him by his grandmother.  Aviation became a focal point from building models and collection WWII memorabilia.

Marvin is a member of and has exhibited his sculptures with the American Society of Aviation Artists, International Art Show at the San Diego Air and Space Museum, receiving an Honorable Mention for “Bandits 10 O’clock High”.

Drawn to sculpture and bronze for its tactile and enduring qualities.   Marvin sculpts to capture the historical accuracy of those who have served and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in conflict and service.

See more of his sculptures at www.marvinhitesman.com