Letter from Benjamin O. Davis to students

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On September 26, 2012 we received this email from 3rd grade teacher Tammy S. Beswick at Griffin Elementary in in Kentwood, MI

To Whom It May Concern:

My class of students, from Challenger Elementary School, in Kentwood, MI, read the book as a non-fiction selection many years ago.  We concentrated on the section on Benjamin O. Davis.  We found his story fascinating and discussed the trials and hard situations that he had to face as our country changed laws and made life more fair for all people.  We thought he must be a very special individual to withstand these situations, be driven enough to pursue such an intellectual and trying job in the face of the nation’s prejudices, and still remain a wonderful human being, as witnessed by his own words in the letter he sent us.

Unfortunately, I do not have accompanying pictures of the students involved in this project.  I am just thankful that I can share the letter with others to show what an outstanding man Benjamin O. Davis was.


Tammy S. Beswick

Read the hand written reply from Benjamin O. Davis to the students

Read the typed version of the letter written by Benjamin O. Davis to the students