Lt Westmoreland’s plane 42-103443

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On Oct. 13, 1944, Westmoreland’s plane was shot down by enemy ground fire near Lake Balaton, Hungary, while returning from an escort mission to Blechhammer, Germany. First designated as MIA, Westmoreland’s remains were not returned from Europe until December of 1948.

42-103443 – P-51 MUSTANG
Production block number – P-51C-5NT
Manufacturer – North American
Markings and paint scheme/livery – Coded 5M-H.

Crashed86042 Ramitelli CB, Italy1 July 1944
Belly Landing Ramitelli, Italy Cat 3 damage Lt Walter D Westmoreland, 1-Jul-44.

P-51C 42-103443 – 302FS 332FG 15AF


Photo shown: First Lt. Walter Drake Westmoreland (right) stands with his P-51C, nicknamed “Dopey”.

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