1941 Immigration manifest and 1942 Pittsburg Courier article

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1942 January Pittsburg Courier article

On May 10, 1937, Ludovic arrived in New York, he had been accepted as a student at the Brooklyn Floyd Bennet Field, earning his private pilot’s license during 1939 which had been his dream.

1941 December 31 Immigration manifest

Both to aid its relationship and the stabilization of Haiti, and because of its need for good, trained pilots, the United States Army Air Force began running notices in Haitian newspapers looking to recruit 40 pilots for the Tuskegee Army Air Field training program. The U.S. had established the Aviation Corps of the Haitian Guard with that goal in mind. Wishing to be a combat pilot and to serve, Ludovic returned to Haiti with the hopes of joining the Haitian military and then becoming part of the Aviation Corp. December 31, 1941, Ludovic and other Haitian officers arrived in the United States to become aviation mechanic students at the Newark, New Jersey Casey Jones School of Aeronautics. On February 15, 1942, while a student at the Casey School, Ludovic registered for service with the United States military. He was accepted to the Tuskegee training program, graduating on February 8, 1944, with class 44-B-SE.

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