Ramitelli airfield, Italy

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A friend asked me how I got so much interest in Ramitelli’s USAF airfield, I answered this: I was born in 1955 so 10 years after the end of WWII and grew up with tales of the Eyewitnesses to those events, my father, my uncles, the villagers all had a story or anecdote to tell, I was especially passionate about the African American pilots of Ramitelli. My father class 1921 after 1921th September 1943 I returned on foot from Udine where he was a room soldier with his company, and resumed his barber job, and when the allies arrived for work he attended Ramitelli like him many others Villagers had employment or business relationships remember that two interpreters were Antonio DiBello (father of Pasquale DiBello journalist of TeleMolise) and the father of Rosaria Parente secretary at the elementary schools of S. Martino, whose name escapes me, or as Raffaele DiGirolamo and his sons Tonino and Carlo (Stagnini) who recovered the pond with which the sheets of the planes that were soldered in the process of landing on the way back from escort missions, many kids did jobs In kitchens like Franco son Vincenzo Dantono Achille Tozzi or as ′′tentboys ′′ who clean and guard military tents or laundry services. USAF military attended S. Martino in moments of freedom and especially the Cantina (BAR) run by an aunt of mine who emigrated to America. They used to visit S Martino because towards Campomarino and Termoli there were five other allied airfields and since racism was very rooted maybe to avoid problems, they preferred less crowded areas. My villagers called Ramitelli ′′nainenaine′′ or the Pista only after many years I understood that the ′′nainenaine′′ was the 99th dialectal distortion. All of this was surrounded by a foggy and stormy distance, until the advent of the internet that allowed me to research and compare the stories told with real events, So, this is why I am passionate about the memories of the tales, the young lives sacrificed for freedom and against racism and the great history that has touched our territories.