CAF Red Tail Squadron – Event Update Vectren Dayton Air Show 



Dates: June 21-23, 2013
Event: Vectren Dayton Air Show
Location: James M Cox Dayton Int’l Airport

The 39th annual Dayton Air Show was held at the Dayton International Airport on June 22-23, 2013. The RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit and the P-51C Mustang was displayed prominently on the ramp, along with other Commemorative Air Force aircraft including the B-29, B-24 and C-45.

Bill Shepard with a special group of children - they liked the movie so much that they came back a second time!

Bill Shepard with a special group of children – they liked the movie so much that they came back a second time!

The Dayton TAI Chapter was located close to the display and the members enjoyed visiting our exhibit and seeing the Mustang. Original Tuskegee Airman, Don Elder visited the Exhibit to sign autographs and see the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit. As Don left the theater, he was welcomed by a standing ovation from the spectators in the area.

CAF Red Tail Squadron Pilot, Bill Shepard performed a solo performance in the show and then flew support for the B-29. The crowds loved seeing the Mustang fly and then accompany the B-29. Air Show announcers Rob Reider and Danny Clisham provided a very informative narration for the crowd.

As requested by the airshow committee, Bill visited the Chalets to inspire children and promote the story of the Tuskegee Airmen by signing autographs in each Chalet.

Attendance: Estimated to be over 23,000 spectators

The volunteers at the show really helped out by cleaning the plane, answering questions, registering our guests and helping people in and out of the theater. They were Tracy Reddy, Melanie Burden, Jacqueline Covington and Ethan Malavolti.

To see photos of this and other events, please visit our Facebook album!

Photos courtesy of Ken Mist 

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