Using the Six Guiding Principles (Aim High, Believe in Yourself, Use Your Brain, Be Ready to Go, Never Quit, Expect to Win) our winners describe how the Tuskegee Airmen achieved success, then choose a goal to show how they could use the Six Guiding Principles to achieve that goal.

1st place: An autographed print of “Tuskegee Tales” autographed by Lt Col Alexander Jefferson

2nd place: A RISE ABOVE hat

3rd place: A 99th Squadron Tuskegee Airmen patch

All entries will receive a Red Tail dog tag and Triumph Over Adversity booklet

Thank you to Ambassadors Melanie Burden and Toy Brown III for assisting in judging the entries!

Click on the links to read the essays.

Grade level1st place2nd place3rd place
4th – 5th

Devin Garner

Hannah Hope

Aliyah Brown

6th – 8thClare Greaneyno other entriesno other entries
9th – 12th

Ashlyn Manzano-Hernandez

Alexis Ramirez

Julissa Pacheco