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The following supporters have stepped up to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Because their mark on history should never be forgotten, this Honorary Flight Log represents the commitments made to ensure the inspirational message of the Tuskegee Airmen will continue to be shared with people of all ages.

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2020 Honorary Flight Log

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There are 58 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Talley, Arlee

Tania, Davis

Taylor, Beverly A.

Taylor, Gayland

Taylor, A

Taylor, Eric

Taylor, Kevin

Taylor, Barry

Taylor, Levonia

Teaff, Leslie Terrill

Tennie, Janet

Terrell, William

Terry, Charles H

Thelen, George M

Thieret, Dennis & Sondra
Submitted by: In Honor of Lt Col Bob Friend

Thomas , Bowers

Thomas, Anna

Thomas, Lillian

Thomas, David

Thomas, Elaine

Thomas, Sharon
Submitted by: In honor of Mr, Harvey Walter Lee, Jr

Thomas, Jacquelyn

Thompson, Claudia C

Thompson, Betty

Threatt, Vera

Thurman, Izell

Thurston, Paul Eugene

Thurston, Prof Paul

Thweatt, Joanne

Tibbles, Lance

Tiefel, William

Tiefenbacher, Robert E

Tiller, Roy F

Tippin, James

Titus, Frank A

Todd, Franklin

Tolbert-Bey, Gregory L

Tompkins, Jackie

Toner, Michael

Tozer, Ted and Sandy

Trass, Herman A

Traughber, Charles

Travis, Dr. Harding

Trent, Burlette

Tripp, Richard

Trotter, David

Trouern-Trend, Anthony A

Trubisz, John G

Trubisz, John

Tschampion, Toni

Tucker, Stanley W

Tureaud, Sylvia H

Turner, Albert and Glennette

Turner, John

Turner, Arthur

Turner Walls , Valerie
Submitted by: in memory of Clifford Turner

Turpin, Kenneth B

Twining, Celestein