Myrtle Rita Allen Carter 
1916 – June 10, 1966
Class: 44-W-8
Training Location: Avenger Field (Sweetwater, Tex.)
Planes flown: PT-17, BT-13, BT-15
Assigned bases:
Greenwood Army Air Base (Greenwood, Miss)

Myrtle was born in 1916 in New Jersey. She was the daughter of William A. Allen and Jeannette B. Allen.

Myrtle (Mikki) Allen Carter was an extremely well-traveled 25-year-old when she applied for service in the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) first as part of Jackie Cochran’s American contingent where Jackie was learning how the RAF trained women pilots.

Mikki traveled to England with the sixth and last group of American women. She was in service to the ATA from August 1942 through February 1944. Mikki then returned to the United States, to serve with the WASP.


Ferry Pilots of the ATA
Texas Women’s University, Denton, Texas. WASP collection


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