96th Squadron 1946 class yearbook page featuring 2nd Lt. Ernest Craigwell, Jr.

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Ernest Craigwell
Ernest Craigwell

The 96th Squadron were a close knit group of Fighter Pilots who I would say knew 95% of all the other Pilots by first name, so one of the pilots in the 96th Squadron suggested a class yearbook be made and ran the idea by the Group Commander. We, meaning the majority, thought it would be a good idea and so 1st Lt A.S Barnwell Jr took on the job. Everyone was included, from the Staff to the Maintenance members which were a team. We were blessed to have Col Henry Viccellio as a Commander who retired as a Lt Gen.

Ernest “Clag” Craigwell is an ardent Brooklynite, a Dodger fan, by choice and by birth.  His five years’ service, all in the Air Force, has included everything from crewing B-25’s to flying F-51’s. “Clag” graduated from pilot training in February 1949, Class 49-A, and was assigned to the 332nd Fighter Group. In July of 1949 he was transferred to the 97th and has since spent his time begging the Operations Officer to put him in the blue.


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