Colorized photo – 332nd Fighter Group

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Thank you to Nathan Howland @HowdiColourWorks for sharing these amazing colorized photos of the Tuskegee Airmen!

Members of the Army Air Force 332nd Fighter Group, the “Tuskegee Airmen”, in the briefing room at Ramitelli, Italy, March 1945.

Photograph shows several Tuskegee Airmen. Front row, left to right: unidentified airman; Jimmie D. Wheeler (with goggles); Emile G. Clifton (cloth cap) San Francisco, CA, Class 44-B. Standing left to right: Ronald W. Reeves (cloth cap) Washington, DC, Class 44-G; Hiram Mann (leather cap); Joseph L. “Joe” Chineworth (wheel cap) Memphis, TN, Class 44-E; Elwood T. Driver? Los Angeles, CA, Class 44-A; Edward “Ed” Thomas (partial view); Woodrow W. Crockett (wheel cap);by wall left of first map behind Lt.Col. F.E. Hutchins, Sr; center, to the rear, in front of the map is Maj. Spanky Roberts; at Ramitelli, Italy, March 1945.

Photo: Toni Frissell – Library of Congress Collection.
Minor Image Repair & Colourisation – Nathan Howland @HowdiColourWorks.