Colorized photo of briefing

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Thank you to Nathan Howland @HowdiColourWorks for sharing these amazing colorized photos of the Tuskegee Airmen!

Tuskegee Airmen attending a briefing. First row: 1. Hiram E. Mann, Cleveland, OH, Class 44-F; 2. Walter Downs; 3. Newman C. Golden, Cincinnati, OH, 44-G; 4. Bertram W. Wilson, Jr., Brooklyn, NY, 44-E; 5. Samuel W. Watts, Jr., New York, NY, 44-E. Second row: 6. Armour G. McDemoe, Martinsville, VA, 43-A; 7. Howard C. Gamble, Charles Town, WV, 43-K; 8. Harry T. Steward, Jr. Corona, NY, 44-F; 9. Earle R. Lane, Wickliffe, OH, 44-D; 10. Wyrain T. Shell, Brooklyn, NY, 44-F; 11. Harold M. Morris, Seattle, WA, 44-D; 12. John E. Edwards, Steubenville, OH, 44-C; 13. John H. Porter, Cleveland, OH, 44-C; 14. James H. Fischer, Stoughton, MA44-G; 15. Wyrain T. Shell, Brooklyn, NY, 44-F?; Third row: 16. William E. “Porky” Rice?, Swarthmore, PA, 44-G; 17. Tony Weaver; 18. Charles L. White, St. Louis, MO, 44-C; 19. George Arnold Lynch, Valley Stream, NY, 44-F; 20. Samuel L. Washington, Cleveland, OH, 44-F; 21. Calvin J. Spann, Rutherford, NJ, 44-G; 22. Frank N. Wright, Elmsford, NY, 44-F. The image was taken at Ramitelli, Italy, 1st March 1945.


Photographer: Tony Frissell.

Photo: Library of Congress – Ref: 12447

Minor Image Repair & Colourisation – Nathan Howland @HowdiColourWorks