Double V book

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This is a photo of an inside book found in the garage of the former home of 2nd Lt Frank Moody where he lived during training. Note the signatures of other Airmen!

2nd Lt Frank Moody, originally of Oklahoma, was flying over Lake Huron when he crashed on April 11, 1944. Moody was killed and his body was never recovered.

But then, as luck or fate would have it, there was a bad storm on Lake Huron in April of 2015, a barge and tug went down, and a cleanup was scheduled. The divers had found Moody’s plane, 70 years to the date it crashed onto the lake’s bottom on April 11, 1944.

What was the Double V Campaign?

In 1942 the Pittsburgh Courier, an African American newspaper, launched the Double Victory Campaign, which stood for “Victory Abroad and Victory at Home.”

The idea behind the slogan was that while African American soldiers fought for freedom abroad, the Double V Campaign fought for freedom for African Americans at home. The campaign promoted “double” victory that meant defeating fascism and Nazism abroad, while also defeating Jim Crow and inequality at home.

Clipping from The Pittsburgh Courier, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Saturday, February 21, 1942

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