Items of William S. Powell Jr.

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Some important and extensive archive of personal and service items belonging to Tuskegee Airman William Powell. Tuskegee Diploma with signatures of classmates and instructors; service uniform consisting of jacket, pants, crusher cap, shirt, tie, all insignia with bullion SSI; flight suit; leather jacket with squadron patch and name; flight helmet, goggles with box; oxygen mask and carrier pouch; life preserver; flight boots; parachute with Kit Bag; B-2 bag with name. Navigation kit with Dead Reckoning Computer, pencil, Navigation Plotter B-2 and ruler; AF Manual No. 64, Fighter Gunnery, Rocket Firing; Fundamentals of Elementary Flight Maneuvers; Aeronautics Workbook with lots of his entries; Basic Instrument Flying; Binder with 28 pages of documents to include name stencil; and Pilots’ Information File. Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., Constitution and By-Laws; 18 George Washington Carver Foundation Tuskegee Institute stamps; One-inch binder with many training documents in his hand; six documents relative to his position as a Probation Officer with the DOJ to include his badge numbered 199.

Shadow Box One: Flight log; Basic Instrument Flight Training Certificate; ID Card: Pair 1st AAF DIs; 1st AAF SSI; Dog Tag; photo in bi-plane; two photos of classmates – with ID; and large group photo in front of bi-plane.

Shadow Box Two: Pilot Rating Book; Pilot Log; pilot wings; pair of DI’s; pair of Warrant Officer bars; visor cap eagle; dog tag with chain; group photo (he is on right end last row); and AAF SSI. Basic Single Engine Pilot Certificate; Advanced Single Engine Pilot Certificate; graduation publication for Class 45B; and wrist watch.

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