Photo of Tuskegee Airmen class 44-H-SE

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Class 44-H

Class 44-H-SE graduated from Tuskegee Army Air Field on September 4, 1944. The pilots earned their wings to fly single engine aircraft.

L to R

Rear row: Robert M Johnson, Charles W Cooper, Felix McCrory, John W Squires, George E Franklin, Flight Officer Charles A. Lane Jr., Albert L Lieteau, Herbert C Barland

Center: Edward E Manley, Carl E Carey, James Coleman, Morris E Gant, Samuel Matthews, Jr., 2nd Lt William H. Holloman II, Stephen S Jenkins

Kneeling: 2nd Lt George E. Hardy, Edward Bishop, William M Cousins, Lawrence I Miller, Milton
 S Washington, Emet R Anders, John L Whitehead, Flight Officer William P. Armstrong