Harry Stewart’s NYU graduation diploma & 2006 NYU Distinguished Alumni Award

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Harry Stewart NYU graduation

For all of the brave Tuskegee Airmen, the post-war years proved to be daunting, perhaps more so than the war itself. They had already proved to be dedicated, highly qualified fighter pilots who earn many medals and personal recognition for their skills and performance in the air. But, after the war, the dreams of remaining enlisted or becoming a commercial airline pilot vanished quickly due to the Reduction in Forces program and the continuation of prejudice and bias. These Airmen had to start over and reinvent themselves a second time.

In this article, the theme is on earning an education and leveraging the GI Bill to create a new life. The Airmen continued to contribute to society, but now in a different manner. The traits of unrelenting persistence and deep personal commitment towards success in order to achieve a second life dream are to be admired.

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