Joe Gomer Monument in Iowa Falls, IA

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Tuskegee Airman pilot Joe Gomer’s hometown of Iowa Falls, IA honored him in April of 2013 with a statue on the campus of Ellsworth Community College, where he attended prior to his War service. The piece was funded by donations from the local community and was designed by artist Charles R. Taylor and sculpted by Sutton Betti of Loveland, CO. A second statue in honor of Gomer is located at Duluth International Airport.

The statue, he said, represented not just him, but “so many people throughout the services.” It also represented “so much change throughout my 92 years,” he said.

Gomer was inducted into the Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame in 2004 and granted the Distinguished Alumni Award in in 2009 from Ellsworth Community College. He passed away in October of 2013.

The piece is located in the green space between Bullock Jones Hall and Reg Johnson Hall on the campus of Ellsworth Community College.


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