Statue of Tuskegee Airman Joe Gomer at Duluth Airport

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Duluth International Airport installed a life-size bronze statue of Tuskegee Airman pilot Joe Gomer in the fall of 2012. The sculpture, created by artist Tim Cleary, features Gomer as a young pilot in his flight suit and contains the following inscription, an original quote from Gomer:

“We’re all Americans. That’s why we chose to fight. I’m as American as anybody. My black ancestors were brought over against their will to help build America. My German ancestors came over to build a new life. And my Cherokee ancestors were here to greet all the boats.”

When the artwork was unveiled, Gomer told the CAF Red Tail Squadron, “I’ve seen a lot of change in my 92 years. What I like about the statue is that it represents change. While I may be the subject of this piece of art, it really represents thousands of Tuskegee Airmen, both pilots and crew members, along with all the black men and women who worked for us behind the scenes.”


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