Woodward Leadership Academy

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Mission statement from Founder Dr. Raymond W. Turner:

From its inception, our goal for Woodward Leadership Academy has been to create a learning environment where kids from diverse backgrounds and various academic abilities can realize their God-given potential for success.

This vision is rooted in the spirit of Captain Edward Wilson Woodward, Sr., whom the school is named in honor of. He and his fellow Tuskegee Airmen (and women) had to overcome many obstacles in proving that they had the intellect to become aviators. And proving it, they did!

The Tuskegee Airmen demonstrated that when given the opportunity, they could achieve that which was far beyond what others expected of them.

This is the mindset that we strive to instill in every student who attends Woodward Leadership Academy. We begin each day with an affirmation that declares that “failure is not an option”.

At Woodward Leadership Academy, it is our goal to not only provide a world class education for our students, but to also produce world class leaders for our communities.

I want to thank each and every parent who has entrusted their child’s educational needs to the care of the teachers and staff of Woodward Leadership Academy over these ten years.

And to the entire staff, I say thank you for all that you do. As I look back over these ten years, and all that the school has accomplished, I know that Captain Woodward would be proud to see the spirit of the overcomer that Woodward Leadership Academy represents.


Dr. Raymond W. Turner

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