CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP is dedicated to honoring the WASP of World War II for their courage and determination to serve our country. The CAF RISE ABOVE educational outreach program shares this story with others to inspire them to rise above their own obstacles. The program brings the remarkable history and legacy of the WASP to new audiences of all ages across the country to demonstrate that, in the face of any adversity, one can be successful if they respond to challenges with courage, intelligence and perseverance.

This group of heroic Americans exhibited tremendous bravery and determination in the face of many who felt women could not do what was then considered a man’s job. Despite the obstacles and disapproval of others, these women forged ahead and served with tremendous distinction in the U.S. Army Air Corp.

a Wishing Well WASP 2017

We invite you take a deeper dive to learn more about the remarkable WASP, and be inspired to tap into the ability within yourself to overcome barriers and find success.

Unless noted otherwise, archive images courtesy of The WASP Archive, The TWU Libraries’ Woman’s Collection, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas

The CAF WASP Squadron

In addition to CAF RISE ABOVE WASP, the CAF has a separate squadron that honors the WASP. 

The Squadron operates the AT-6 “Nella”. She appears with the AirPower History Tour, WASP Homecoming, selected events, offers rides as well as training time for those qualified. The Squadron Education efforts involve classes as well as event appearances, following a specified Curriculum based on the SPUNKY guidelines for success.

For details of the CAF WASP Squadron, please visit:

WASP Profiles

Dori Marland Martin

Dori Marland Martin November 14, 1921 – April 22, 2013 Class: 43-W-8 Training Location: Avenger Field (Sweetwater, Tex.) Planes flown: PT-19, BT-13, AT-6, BT-14, UC-78, B-25, B-26 Assigned bases:  Douglas Army Air Base (Ariz.) and Kingman Army Air Base (Kingman,

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Anita L. Paul

Anita L. “Sister Teresa” Paul May 21, 1924 – March 29, 2010 Class: 44-W-6 Training Location: Avenger Field (Sweetwater, Tex.) Planes flown: PT-17, BT-13, UC-78 Assigned bases: Altus Army Air Field (Okla.) Two-dozen pages into the Nashua High School yearbook

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Geri Elder Lampere Nyman

Geri Elder Lampere Nyman April 6, 1920 – December 30, 2011 Class: 43-W-1 Training Location: Houston Municipal Airport (Tex.) Planes flown: B-24 and C-47 Assigned bases: Long Beach Army Air Base (Calif.) “Jackie Cochran called me to her New York

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Nadine Engler Canfield Nagle

Nadine Engler Canfield Nagle October 5, 1918 – August 29, 2018 Class: 44-W-9 Training Location: Avenger Field (Sweetwater, Tex.) Planes flown: PT-13, BT-13, AT-6, AT-10, UC-78 Assigned bases: Lubbock Army Air Base (Tex.) Thank you to author Sarah Byrn Rickman

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