Photos of Tuskegee Airmen class TE-45-A

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Class TE-45-A graduated from Tuskegee Army Air Field on March 11, 1945. These Tuskegee Airmen were trained to fly twin engine B-25 bombers with the 477th Bombardment Group. All Tuskegee Airmen that trained as bomber pilots and crew would never deploy as the War ended in the Pacific before they were sent overseas.

Class TE-45-A included the following Tuskegee Airmen:

Melvin A. Clayton

Hemdon M. Cummings

William J. Curtis Jr.

Charles J. Dorkins

Rutledge H. Fleming Jr.

Charles S. Goldsby

Argonne F. Harden

James V. Kennedy Jr.

Harvey L. McClelland

Alfred U. McKenzie

Luther L. Oliver

Herbert J. Schwing

Quentin P. Smith

Francis R. Thompson

Cleophus W. Valentine

Calvin T. Warrick